Our Design Process


A functional, sustainable, and economical landscape project begins at the client-designer interaction phase. Our design team will examine a homeowner’s needs and desires for their finished landscape and create a unique and organic final product that’s created just for you. From planning the underground preparation to placing the final stone, we will design your landscape to create a lifetime of enjoyment.


In order to deliver a long-term, sustainable landscape design we integrate the existing environment and native vegetation with the desired design elements. Our designers are also in tune with the most advanced water-conserving irrigation technology and even offer rainwater collection as part of our design.

Material Selection

We invite clients to participate in plant and material selection to help visualize the completed landscape. We encourage our clients to visit our showroom at Earthworks to see their selections in person whenever possible.


We offer conceptual drawings throughout the design phases to ensure that your vision is coming together exactly as you imagined it. We can even develop 3D renderings of your finished landscape if requested.

Design Drawings Gallery

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